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Professional Diploma in Real Estate Finance Management

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only


Real Estate Business Management is a very specialized field for young MBAs, finance professionals, civil engineers, entrepreneurs, commerce graduates and aspirants of real estate managerial jobs. The course provides an opportunity to understand and study the various aspects of the real estate industry and business. This skill set will increase the employment opportunities for the students as well as also give them a comprehensive idea of this field. For developers, property consultants, contractors and to be real estate entrepreneurs this program gives them in-depth knowledge about various aspects of real estate business and knowledge about how to grow their venture.

Course Overview

A 9 months professional course for a complete study on all aspects of business management and how to successfully manage and run a real estate venture in real estate. Also includes in-depth knowledge of processes and policies required in the industry. Well defined professional content, well-planned study sessions, balanced with practical knowledge and use of technology are the main features of the course.

This Certification Course will be covered the following Module

Module 1 -Real Estate Classification
Module 2-Fundamental Of Real Estate
Module 3-Core Real Estate
Module 4-Fundamental Of Housing Finance
Module 5-Core Housing Finance
Module 6-Project Management
Module 7-Principle Of Indian Real Estate Business
Module 8 – Internet Marketing
Module 9 – Customer Service Management
Module 10 – Office Management
Module 11- Advance Real Estate Business Management

Learning Outcome

  •    Learn in-depth knowledge and process of real estate industry
  •    Learn how to build and grow real estate venture
  •    Learn various aspects of real estate, home finance, marketing, project feasibly
  •    Become full-fledged real estate professional, capable of working in any real estate           company

Participant Profile

  • Individual who want to start Real Estate Services Business (marketing company, brokerage firm, real estate consulting firm, home loan DSA)
  • Individual who want to start Real Estate Development Firm
  • Fresher (Civil Egg/Architect / Graduate / MBA) who want to start their career in real estate sector.
  • Working Professional from Non-Real Estate Industry wanting to shift to Real Estate
  • Working professionals in Real Estate Industry with 0-1 years of work experience