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Certification in Vastu-Shastra

Enrollment is Closed

About This Course

Fast-track certificate in Basic Vastu-Shastra that provides you with deep study of fundamentals of Vastu-Shastra. This course is highly beneficial for Architects, Interior designers, Civil engineers and for the people who are in field of Vastu. No Pre-existing knowledge of Vastu-Shastra is required for this course. It provides a golden opportunity to start generating promising results for every individual.

Your investment in this course is completely safe and every bit worthy of your energy. You can kick start by implementing these changes according to Customized Vastu at your place for a better house & better living. Detailed plans for a better understanding of all the above Vastu principles• Detailed plans for better understanding of all the above Vastu principles • Select Vastu perfect plots to construct your house/buy a flat or any other premises • Correct placements of bedrooms, kitchen, entrance, etc. in your house • Workshop will also lead you and others towards a happy & a prosperous life.